Marcis Gogis: Mintos marketplace improvements in July

We are implementing responsive user interfaces step by step and you will see the Mintos marketplace completely responsive in the near future.

User experience has a significant role in determining our client satisfaction goals, so this July was marked as a starting point for building responsive web design user interfaces to improve the usage quality of the Mintos peer-to-peer lending platform on mobile phones and other touchscreen devices. These improvements will allow us to provide a handy online investment environment for investors, regardless of device screen resolution. The first steps towards fully responsive platform design can already be seen at

Test out our improvements on the following pages:

– startpage;

– registration form;

– overview page for authorised investors;

– primary and secondary market list tables;

– investment purchasing/selling confirmation pages.

We hope you enjoy these new possibilities — we will get back to you soon with next steps in creating a more user-friendly investment platform!



Marcis Gogis is the Head of Product at Mintos, working with cross functional teams to develop new product ideas and follow these ideas through to implementation. Marcis also blogs about developments and improvements to the Mintos platform.


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