Adding the biggest loan originator on Mintos to your Auto Invest portfolio

We have recently set a new record on Mintos marketplace by welcoming the biggest loan originator so far – Aasa Global. What opportunities does it bring to our investors and how to add Aasa to your Auto Invest portfolio?

Aasa’s offer on Mintos is the one not to miss — loans in euro and Polish zloty ranging from EUR 100 to EUR 2 300 with the average 10% net return to investors. What’s more, Aasa offers a buyback guarantee for all loans, on which payments are delayed for over 60 days, and this makes it a great opportunity for lower risk investments.

If you are using Auto Invest tool putting together your portfolio, it is essential that you don’t forget to add Aasa to your loan originators’ list. Just put a tick next to Aasa as shown on the picture below:


Auto Invest is a tool that allows you to easily implement the investment strategy according to the criteria chosen by you. It automatically reviews and analyses new loan listings as soon as they appear. You can access your Auto Invest portfolio at any time. Follow your portfolio activity to make sure it is working according to your investment goals!

Auto Invest saves time and never misses an opportunity!


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