A trend that we like: 43% more women investors on Mintos in 2020

Key takeaways

  • On Mintos, women make 15% of the total number of investors, with a 43% YoY growth in 2020
  • In total, women on Mintos have earned €11.5 million in interest by the end of 2020
  • Women from the Baltics top the list when it comes to share of women in the total number of investors per country
  • The top 4 countries with the largest overall numbers of women investors on Mintos are Germany, Estonia, Spain, and the Czech Republic
  • The average outstanding balance of Mintos women investors at the end of 2020 was €2028

After sharing a general overview of what’s been going on in Mintos during 2020, we are now taking a closer look at both new and ongoing trends in our investor base.

2019 was a very strong year for Mintos, and that growth continued into 2020. Performance in January, February, and the first half of March indicated that we had a great year ahead of us. When the pandemic hit the world and global markets in March 2020, our plans for expansion were slowed down. Still, the number of new investors in 2020 was just about 5% lower than in the year before. Overall, 128 380 new investors joined Mintos in 2020, an average of 10 000 per month. Looking closer, we see a difference between the pre-pandemic and the pandemic months: during the first three months of 2020, we saw on average more than 16 000 new investors per month, while from April to December 2020, this number was around 9 000. 

When it comes to split by gender, we saw a positive trend in women investors joining Mintos in 2020, with 43% year-over-year growth. In terms of total numbers, women continue to represent 15% of investors on our marketplace, similar to previous years. 

As expected, most of the women investors on Mintos are millennials: the average median age of all women on our marketplace is 34. Overall, Millennial investors have funded three-quarters of loans on Mintos, as 75% of all investors on Mintos were born between 1981 and 1996.

Women from the Baltics lead the way


When it comes to the most active women investors per country, there were no changes in 2020 compared to previous years: The Baltic countries are still home to the women who are most actively joining Mintos, based on the gender split in the country by country comparison. In this category, Estonia leads the way. From all investors from this country who joined Mintos in 2020, women made 36%, while women from Latvia and Lithuania made 25% and 18% of all new registration from these countries.

In terms of the total number of women investors joining Mintos in 2020, Germany tops the list with 3160 women joining us from this country. This is around 13% of all investors who joined Mintos from Germany last year. 

The first investment made by new women investors on Mintos ranges from €20 to €1300, and the highest first investment was registered by women investors from Ireland, Iceland, and Albania

For women investors from Germany and the Czech Republic, investment activity on Mintos increased over each quarter of 2020. We can see almost the same trend in Estonia, with a slight drop in Q2 2020, followed by an increase in Q3. Spanish women investors showed a steady investment activity over the course of the whole year.

Earning €11.5 million in interest by the end of 2020


At the end of 2020, women investors on Mintos closed their year with an average of €2028 in their outstanding balance on Mintos. The amount is half of what women investors held at the end of 2019 (€4164). This is another reflection of risk aversion present across all investors in loans during the pandemic. Nevertheless, in January 2021, the amounts are increasing, which is in line with the uptick across many investor-related metrics we follow in Mintos. 

In total, women investors on Mintos earned €11.5 million in interest alone by the end of 2020. The highest average interest was earned by women investors from Germany (€929), Lithuania (€849), Estonia (€727), and Latvia (€315).

With better access to education, a slow overcoming of career-related obstacles, and globally promoted financial inclusion, women are continually gaining more financial power. With the positive trends of women joining the professional workforce earlier and staying in it longer, today, women control around $72 trillion of the world’s investable wealth – an amount that’s expected only to grow in years to come. 


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