A warm hello to (literally) everyone: Mintos diversity becomes our official value!

Since the inception of the Mintos marketplace, we have been exclusively adding the best talent to fit into our welcoming culture.

What we have never been open to is the judgement and evaluation of people based on anything else but the human potential, whether it comes from or toward our employees, our investors, clients or communities.

That is why we are very proud to confirm this Mintos value formally, by becoming a signatory of the Diversity Charter in Latvia on April 24, 2019. Joining the Diversity Charter in the country where our headquarters is located makes us a proud and official ambassador of diversity in business, and in the workplace.

Maria Pedley, Head of People

Maria Pedley, Mintos Head of People says that Mintos’ teams are more than happy to implement the fundamental principles of the Diversity Charter and not just embrace, but also promote diversity in all aspects of Mintos’ business activities and in all the communities of interest.

“Our strategic approach to growing the business and talent acquisition loudly and clearly declares: ‘Mintos is an equal opportunity employer. We celebrate diversity and are committed to creating an inclusive environment for all employees’ – this statement is in all our job ads. Besides applying this to our employee policy, our whole business embraces principles of diversity and inclusion when it comes to investors, clients and our communities”, said Maria.

Martins Sulte, CEO and Co-Founder

Martins Sulte, CEO and Co-Founder of Mintos said that the company’s strength lies in its diversity. “By diversity, I don’t mean only the diversity of our knowledge and professional experience, but also the diversity of our age, nationality, gender and lifestyle. At the moment, 35% of our team are women that are doing great work on various positions in the company, and the people on the Mintos team already represent ten different countries. Nevertheless, we still can and should do more. We are joining this diversity platform because diversity is also the core value of our global startup team and of our success.”


M. Sulte photos by Ingus Bajārs / Open Centre


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