About updates on the suspended and defaulted lending companies

Over the last few months, we changed some things in how we share updates on the suspended lending companies. Here, we’d like to clarify where to find all the necessary information. 

Suspension announcements

If a lending company on Mintos is suspended, we send an email to the affected investors within the first 24 hours, and we publish an announcement on the Mintos blog. 

In these updates, we explain the situation, inform about the financials, and comment on the next steps to move forward with the recovery of investors’ funds.

General information about suspensions

This week, we shared an article about suspensions of lending companies, as well as – when a lending company becomes defaulted on Mintos marketplace. In the article, you will find answers to the following questions:

  • How do suspensions work on Mintos?
  • Why do we suspend lending companies on the Secondary Market?
  • When is the lift of a suspension possible?
  • What are the three criteria for lending companies to default on the marketplace?
  • Which lending companies have recently defaulted?


Regular updates on the recovery of funds

All updates are posted here

In these updates, investors can see all data about repayments for each lending company, as well as comments about efforts to recover investors’ funds. Starting with 30 October, the updates for both suspended and defaulted lending companies are combined into one document.

You will see that some of the older updates are linked to Mintos blog articles or can be found in the recovery dashboard page historical updates section. Whereas newer updates will always be on the page, under each respective lending company’s name. We will keep adding new updates to each lending company’s space by indicating the date of the update. The update will be made monthly, at the end of each month. If there is an update of higher importance – for example, changes of a lending company restructuring agreement or repayment plan, it will be shared in the same respective lending company update space out of the regular monthly cadence.


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