AlexCredit Mintos Rating changed to D

At the end of March 2020, AlexCredit’s loans were suspended from the Primary and Secondary Markets on Mintos due to missed settlement payments to investors on Mintos. AlexCredit was also put on the negative ratings watch. 

Unfortunately, the lending company has not made any payments since the suspension. As a result, AlexCredit’s Mintos Rating is now being changed from B- to D, effective immediately. 

We continue working with the management team of AlexCredit and will share updates once we know more.    

About Alexcredit

AlexCredit is a lending company from Ukraine, offering its clients short-term loans with amounts from € 50 to € 325 and a maturity of 25 days. Established in 2017, AlexCredit now has a team of 60 people. The current amount of AlexCredit loans funded by Mintos investors is € 2 113 135. There are 24 407 investors with active investments in AlexCredit loans, with the average investment per investor being € 87. The current amount of pending payments is € 2 328 789.

About Mintos Ratings

Mintos Risk team assesses lending companies based on their operations, management, financials, risk appetite, portfolio performance and regulatory environment, as well as activities in the country or countries of operation and on the Mintos marketplace. The Risk Rating Report is a guide we offer Mintos investors, to help them navigate the diverse range of investment opportunities on the Mintos marketplace while evaluating risks.

You can read more about Mintos Ratings here.


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