Approaching half a million registrations on Mintos: milestone of 400 000

We’re happy to share that we reached a new milestone of 400 000 registered users on Mintos in this quarter.

For companies worldwide, the past year brought three new time-frames by which business results are now being classified or measured: pre-pandemic, during-pandemic, and the current state of market recovery. On Mintos, we’ve used these three periods to observe the new registration trends we share below.

Return to the pre-pandemic levels

2019 was strong for Mintos, as the company experienced its highest growth, welcoming an average of more than 11 000 new users every month. The number of new joiners further accelerated toward the end of 2019, and numbers continued to grow at the beginning of 2020. In Q1 2020, we were welcoming (on average) 16 600 users per month. However, in March, the COVID-19 pandemic changed dynamics across global markets, including the market for investing in loans. As a direct result, the growth in new registrations on Mintos dropped by half compared to the pre-pandemic levels. From April to December 2020, the average number of new joiners was 8 700 per month.

For many asset classes, 2020 was characterized by volatility, unprecedented highs and lows, and new trends in retail investing. Compared to investing in stocks or cryptocurrency, in normal market conditions, investing in loans on Mintos was far less volatile. After our stable 5-year upward journey, in 2020, we were faced with the effects of the pandemic. Risks materialized almost simultaneously across geographies, lending companies, borrowers, and our investors. In March 2020, we adjusted our strategy, shifting from expansion and growth to the sustainability of our operations and day-to-day management of individual issue cases.

With the roll-out of vaccinations and forecasts of market recovery in 2021, we started seeing growth across metrics on Mintos, including the number of new investors. Despite the crisis, 100 000 new users registered on Mintos in less than a year. As of today (May 2021), the average number of new users joining Mintos is at pre-pandemic levels, with more than 11 000 registrations per month.

New countries of users in the top 10 list 

We’re approaching a milestone of half a million registered users on Mintos. As of May 2021, a volume of €6.5 billion has been invested in loans on our marketplace, and investors’ earnings in interest amount to a total of EUR 148 million.

Based on our data from May 2021, registered users on Mintos come from 122 countries. This year, we’re noticing changes in the most prevalent countries of investors compared to the top 10 list from 2020. Most users on Mintos come from Germany, Spain, Czech Republic, and these countries are still leading the list in 2021. But this year, more users from Belgium, Greece, and Romania are joining Mintos, and as of May 2021, they’ve “pushed out” Denmark, Poland, and Portugal from the top 10 list. 

We’re excited to see that the trend of more women joining investing is continuing, both globally and on our marketplace. Women make up 17% of total new users who joined Mintos in 2021. In 2020, 15% of the total Mintos investor base were women. 

In 2021, the average age of investors who have joined us so far does not differ from the overall split across investors’ age groups. The majority of users on Mintos are aged 18 – 29, followed by the age group 30-40. In the first 30 days after joining Mintos, investors have invested on average €1 447, distributed across 97 loans. 

We’re looking forward to our next milestone when it comes to new investors! That one’s going to be special. 

Thank you all for your trust and for being with Mintos through this time. 


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