Ask Mintos Anything about: Funds in recovery

Mintos AMA session

Join our live session for first-hand information on the latest progress with funds in recovery on Mintos.

We would like to invite all interested investors to join us in the next Ask Mintos Anything (AMA) live-stream session about funds in recovery. Dmitry Amelin, Mintos Debt Collection Manager and Janis Pranevics, Mintos Head of Loan Originator Partnerships will present the latest information about current statuses of suspended and defaulted lending companies on Mintos, and the progress on funds in recovery.

The session is scheduled for Tuesday, 11 May 2021, 12:00 (CET)

Mintos representatives will share an informative presentation about each suspended and defaulted lending company case. After this overview, the main focus will be on answering investors’ questions, so we invite you to ask whatever you want to know about funds in recovery.

Already, you can share your questions here and upvote questions from other investors. Questions will be added to the AMA session based on the number of upvotes they get.

Here you can access the AMA session scheduled on the Mintos YouTube channel – make sure to set a reminder so you don’t miss this session.

A video of the session will be available in the Mintos marketplace YouTube channel library.

Language of the AMA session: English


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