August platform improvements

We know that often even a small improvement can push a user experience from good to exceptional. That is why we have made several small, but important, changes to the platform this August, which have already been highly rated by many investors.

We have improved the design of the “About Us” and “Loan Originators” sections of our website, and are continuing to work on the latter. To make your investment experience even more transparent, soon broader information about each loan originator operating in multiple countries will be available.

When creating new Auto Invest portfolios, it is now possible to filter loan originators based on several criteria at once – by loan type, country of issuance and availability of a buyback guarantee.

We have also improved the pagination of the list of available loans on the primary and secondary markets, as well as in the section “My Investments”. Now you can easily view specific page in the list, and navigate to the first or last page of the loan list with just the click of a mouse.

To make it even easier to follow returns on your investments, we have included net annual profit and total profit in the Daily Summary email.


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