Board of Capitalia makes decision to issue additional bonds

Board of Capitalia has made decision to arrange further bond issue with the total nominal value of EUR 1,250,000. The issue will be done in accordance to prospectus of first bond issue of Capitalia. Additional bonds will be placed until 4th of January, 2017. Issued bonds will be listed in NASDAQ Riga stock exchange with the same ISIN code LV0000801488 and maturity (October 25, 2018) as the first issue.

Bonds are issued in order to continue growing the financing volume of small and medium sized businesses in the Baltic States, as well as to introduce new financing products in the market. During the year 2016 Capitalia has already issued loans to over 450 small businesses for the total amount of EUR 7 million. Company sees opportunity to grow the loan portfolio further by continuing to offer small businesses a simple alternative or supplement to bank financing.

This news release was distributed by GlobeNewswire, – a Nasdaq company.


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