Bring your own team challenge

What drives your productivity and motivation to work toward your fullest potential as a Software Developer? Perhaps it’s the people with whom you work with or a challenging and exciting workplace. If you feel like you are not fulfilling your professional potential and you crave a change, read on.

Feeling stuck in your current workplace doesn’t mean you do not love what you do, nor your fellow developers. It’s possible the reason you haven’t left is because of how well you all work together. At Mintos, we understand that, so we are offering you the opportunity to bring your own team of innovative Software Developers to a company that will appreciate their efforts. Want to be part of a team that is developing FinTech industry in Europe? This is your chance to apply!

At Mintos we have a team that is revolutionizing the financial services industry through technology. We have gathered a group like-minded individuals performing at the highest levels in a modern, progressive and unique startup environment. What’s more rewarding than loving what you do and seeing the impact your work makes?

Think you and your colleagues are a good fit for Mintos? Bring your team of Software Developers to the competition or interview if you like to call it, and make sure to apply until October 15th. We are looking for  groups of two to five to sign up. Please be sure to bring CVs for each person, as well as a brief description of how you all know each other or have worked together in the past. As a startup, we are experimenting with creative hiring practices, so we will be asking your team to collaboratively work on a software development challenge in lieu of a traditional interview. Sound exciting? We hope to see you there! Good luck!


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