Capitalia has concluded EUR 3 million bond issue



Capitalia has made additional issue of bonds and thus concluded emission of NASDAQ Baltic stock exchange listed bonds with the total value of EUR 3 million. As of now Capitalia has active bond issues for the amount of EUR 3.5 million. Newly attracted financing will allow Capitalia to increase financing to small and medium sized businesses in the Baltic States, as well as to develop new products.

“Investors have shown great interest to invest in our company not just because of attractive investment returns, but also because their financing would support and grow small businesses in the Baltic countries. Small businesses are foundations of the economy in the Baltics and hence our overall welfare is greatly tied to development of small business sector. Therefore, I am very satisfied with our success in attracting new investments as it will allow us to offer more financing to our clients, “ explains Juris Grišins, manager of Capitalia.

Total amount of issued bonds by Capitalia is EUR 3.5 millions of which EUR 3 million are listed in NASDAQ Baltic stock exchange. Nominal value of each listed bond is EUR 1000 with annual interest rate of 12% and quarterly coupon payments. Bonds mature on October 25, 2018. While secondary bond issue for the amount of EUR 0.5 million are secured bonds with annual interest of 6% and maturity October 25, 2019.

In total Capitalia has attracted over 30 investors from all of the Baltic countries. While even larger number of investors have invested with the company through marketplace platform Mintos, where investors have purchased Capitalia issued business loans for the amount of almost EUR 9 million.

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