Capitalia is about to exit Mintos

Capitalia is one of the first lending companies that joined Mintos back in 2015. Ever since then, Capitalia has grown significantly and further developed its business model.  

Over time, Capitalia has iterated its business strategy and is now increasingly focusing on a different client segment, namely loans to medium-size companies instead of loans to small companies that were placed on Mintos until now. This strategy iteration also involves changing the funding source, hence Capitalia has come to a mutual decision with Mintos to discontinue cooperation, starting with 25th February 2021.

This means that Capitalia will stop placing new loans on the Mintos marketplace and will continue servicing the existing loans until amortized. 

Juris Grišins, CEO of Capitalia: “We are proud to be among the first lenders to join the Mintos marketplace back in 2015. From such a vantage point, we could see the rapid rise of Mintos and are happy to share in their evolution and success. During this time, our financing strategy has evolved and we have moved away from financing smaller businesses. As of now, we focus on financing deals that average in excess of €100 000. Therefore, we will not be putting any new loans for resale in Mintos, but of course, will fully continue servicing all our outstanding loans in Mintos”.

Mintos thanks the management team of Capitalia for our long and successful cooperation. 


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