An interview with Co-founder and CEO of DEBIFO



One of the most recent developments in the Baltic alternative finance market is invoice financing. DEBIFO is the first company in Lithuania to start offering invoice financing to Lithuania’s small and medium-sized businesses that lack working capital but have unpaid invoices issued to large and creditworthy companies. Fighting their way to the top of the market, in less than one year, DEBIFO has financed more than EUR 1.8 million of invoices. (more…)

Mintos closes 2 million euro seed funding round



Peer-to-peer lending marketplace Mintos has concluded a seed-funding round, attracting 2 million euro from Skillion Ventures, a Riga-based venture capital firm.

Mintos brings together investors with non-bank lenders, giving opportunities to both private individuals and institutional investors to finance non-bank lender loans. (more…)

Interview with Mogo Finance Group Chief Financial Officer Maris Kreics



“Everyone should play to their strengths. Mogo’s expertise is issuing loans to customers. We have developed advanced process for assessing clients’ creditworthiness, and we are able to evaluate collateral at a very high accuracy in a timely manner.” (more…)

Capitalia offer a new investment opportunity – invoice financing



We are delighted to announce that from today, Capitalia, a lender to a small and medium-size businesses, offer a new loan product on the Mintos platform – invoice financing. (more…)

Invoice finance provider DEBIFO joins the Mintos platform



We are very pleased to announce our cooperation with the Lithuanian company DEBIFO, which provides invoice financing services to small and medium enterprises with their invoices (i.e. accounts receivables) as collateral. DEFIBO has been in operation since May 2015 and has already financed over EUR 1 million of invoices. (more…)

An interview with Co-founder and CEO of Creamfinance



“We plan to make borrowing money online as simple as clicking one click,” says Matiss Ansviesulis, Co-founder and CEO of Creamfinance. To learn more about the concept of one click loans provider and use of smart data read more in the following interview with Matiss. (more…)

Short-term personal loans available on the Mintos platform



We are excited to announce that the nonbank lender Creamfinance has joined the Mintos platform. Unsecured short-term loans, originated by Creamfinance in Georgia with the CreditON brand, are available for investment on the platform. These are great news for our investors, as they will have even broader opportunities to diversify their investment portfolio on the Mintos marketplace. (more…)

Learn more about the small business loans on the Mintos platform



To provide a better insight to our investors about the loan originators who have joined the Mintos platform we will offer interviews with the key people of them. This time AS Capitalia director Juris Grišins talks about Capitalia’s experience with business loans. (more…)

Ministry of Finance assesses necessity to develop framework for peer-to-peer lending



The Ministry of Finance (MF) is assessing the necessity for developing the framework to ensure a possibility for various capital-raising initiatives including peer-to-peer lending. (more…)



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