Changes in the Board of AS “mogo”

AS “mogo” informs, that effective from 15 March 2017, there are changes in the Board of the Company. The current Chairman of the Board Aleksandrs Čerņagins is being replaced by Edgars Egle. Aleksandrs Čerņagins will remain Member of the Board of AS “mogo”.

About AS mogo

AS “mogo” offers classical finance lease and lends against vehicles already owned by clients (a type of service known as leaseback), which is available by filling out an application on the company website, mobile website, over the phone, enquiring with one of 320 affiliated car dealerships, or at one of its client service centers in major cities throughout Latvia. Company has more than 10 thousand active customers. Mogo group companies also operate in Estonia, Lithuania, Georgia, Poland and Romania, with more plans to expand business in other countries. Read more:

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