Comment from Maxim Chernuschenko, CEO of Cashwagon, on the suspension

Dear Mintos Investors!

We would like to issue the following statement regarding the recent media publications related to Cashwagon Co. Ltd. (“Cashwagon Vietnam” or the “Company”) being spread and discussed on social media and various forums among the Investor community:
Present in Vietnam since mid-2017, Cashwagon Vietnam has been duly incorporated and registered by the authorities of Vietnam.
Recently, on 02 June 2020 and 03 June 2020, a number of publications in local media have caused the Investigation Department of District 1 Police of Ho Chi Minh City to conduct an investigation at the Company’s headquarters to collect information and clarify recent negative information related to the Company. At present, we are actively cooperating with the authorities and a reputable legal advisor to clarify the above incident. We do believe that the allegations in the articles are not substantiated, and all our activities are fully compliant and in accordance with the current laws in place.

While waiting for the authorities to make an official conclusion about the incident, we would like to affirm that throughout our operations, Cashwagon Vietnam has always complied with the provisions of local laws and strictly follows business standards. All our customers are advised to continue making their repayments and fulfilling obligations under their signed agreements. Upon final conclusion of the police department, Cashwagon Vietnam will communicate more detailed information to the press agencies, customers and partners.

More information about Cashwagon Vietnam

Since its establishment in 2017, Cashwagon Vietnam is known as an exemplary enterprise in the field of electronic financial services (fintech) and peer-to-peer lending (p2p) and has received many awards, such as Top 10 “Asia Pacific Outstanding Brand” co-organized and awarded by Asia-Pacific Economic Review, Asian Enterprise Research and Development Center and Hanoi Asia – Pacific Economic Center; “Prestigious and Quality Financial Solution Consulting Services” awarded by Business & Trade Magazine at the “Prestigious Brands – Quality Products – Reliable Services 2019” awards ceremony and Top 10 “ASEAN Quality Brands”, a prestigious award selected by Vietnam Industry and Trade Information Center (VITIC).-

Maxim Chernuschenko
CEO of Cashwagon


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