Creamfinance launches 6th country on Mintos – Spain

Creamfinance, one of Europe’s leading consumer finance providers, has expanded its presence on Mintos once again by adding loans from Spain. With this development, Creamfinance now offers investment opportunities from 6 different countries on the marketplace. 

New on Mintos: Creamfinance Spain

Creamfinance Spain started operations in 2017. Since then, the company has issued EUR 39.9 million in loans. More than 52 000 loans were disbursed in 2019 alone. As of September 2019, Creamfinance Spain had a net loan portfolio of EUR 5.3 million.

On Mintos, Creamfinance Spain now offers you the chance to invest in its short-term loans listed in EUR. These loans have up to 10% interest rate and come with a buyback guarantee. The average loan on the marketplace is EUR 350 with an average maturity of 28 days. Creamfinance Spain has a 5% stake in each loan to maintain its skin in the game. 

“After launching operations in 2017, Creamfinance Spain is now ready to take the next step and ramp up its activities in the market, both by growing our loan portfolio and expanding our product range. Therefore, it was only logical to replicate the fruitful cooperation we have had with Mintos in other countries and add Creamfinance Spain to the list of successful loan originators from our Group. We are very happy to offer new and exciting investment opportunities to Mintos investors and are looking forward to adding more products to the Mintos marketplace in the future.” – Līga Treiliha, Managing Director of Creamfinance Spain

Creamfinance Group: a trusted family member 

Creamfinance Group has been a part of the Mintos family since 2015. For the year ended December 31, 2018, the Creamfinance Group achieved annual revenue of EUR 59 million with a net profit of EUR 1.5 million, according to the company’s financial statements. By the end of 2018, Creamfinance Group had a total issued loans volume of EUR 574 million since its foundation in 2012. The Creamfinance Group employs around 400 employees worldwide. The company utilises advanced algorithms and machine-learning capabilities to quickly evaluate and score its borrowers. 

Don’t miss out on this great opportunity to invest in Creamfinance Spain short-term loans. If Auto Invest is your preferred way of investing on Mintos, then be sure to update your settings accordingly.



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