Custom strategies available in the latest version of the Mintos mobile app

The latest version of the Mintos mobile app has new additions, and it’s already available on Google Play and App Store.

Mintos mobile app version V1.8.0 provides investors with easy and fast access to the custom investment strategies. Besides an overview of the performance of custom strategies, it is now possible to stop and delete strategies created on the Mintos website.

Mintos mobile app team continues to work on developing features that will enable investors to create custom strategies directly from the Mintos mobile app.

Besides additions related to the custom strategies, we’ve also introduced a currency picker in the Invest section of the app. This makes it possible to filter and overview strategies based on a chosen currency.

Version V1.8.0 requires iOS version 13 or higher.

As usual, all your comments and suggestions regarding the mobile app are more than welcome. If you’re satisfied with the frequency of updates and functionality of our app, you’re welcome to rate it and/or leave your comments in app stores.


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