DelfinGroup goes public and launches Initial Public Offering on Nasdaq Riga

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DelfinGroup launched its initial public offering (IPO) of 8 395 000 new shares on the Nasdaq Riga stock exchange on Tuesday, 28 September 2021, and the public offer prospectus has been published.

According to DelfinGroup, the offering is available to retail investors in Latvia, Estonia, and Lithuania plus institutional investors qualified in Latvia and selected countries of the European Economic Area (which have implemented the Prospectus Regulation).

DelfinGroup states that it plans to raise up to € 12.76 million (gross) in proceeds during the IPO and that all capital raised will be used to further grow the company and reduce the cost of financing. It also states that the current DelfinGroup shareholders will not sell any of their shares during the IPO process.

“This is a big milestone for both AS DelfinGroup and Latvian capital market, because, after a four-year break, a company goes public on Nasdaq Riga. We have built a growing and profitable business over the course of 12 years since inception and created a sustainable corporate governance model that allows the company to operate and develop during economic ups and downs. Despite the COVID-19 pandemic and related restrictions, the company continues to grow. Our promise to potential investors is that this IPO is an opportunity to prosper together with AS DelfinGroup in the future. AS DelfinGroup has been profitable every year since 2010 and regularly pays dividends to our shareholders. We have sealed the pledge to regularly pay dividends to shareholders in the company’s dividend policy, which provides for both quarterly dividends up to 50% from the profit of the reporting quarter and annual dividends on top of that.”

DelfinGroup’s Chairman of the Management Board, Didzis Ādmīdiņš

“Several successful bond issues have established DelfinGroup’s reputation among Baltic investors. It is great to see that the company is continuing its growth story with this public offering of shares and so opening new investment opportunities for private and institutional investors.”

CEO of Nasdaq Riga and Head of the Nasdaq Baltic Market, Daiga Auziņa-Melalksne

According to DelfinGroup, by the end of 2024, the company plans to double its consolidated net loan portfolio to over € 70 million. In addition, gradually increasing its profitability, in 2024 the company plans to reach EBITDA of € 17.6 million, as well as pre-tax profits of € 12.9 million.

DelfinGroup’s experience with Nasdaq Riga

As stated by DelfinGroup, it’s been issuing bonds on Nasdaq Riga for over 7 years, during which the company issued bonds six times for the total amount of € 27 million. The first two bond issues were listed on Nasdaq Baltic Main List, the two following ones are currently being listed on the Nasdaq Baltic First North Bond list, and another two issues were private placements. Bonds of the first two issues have been fully repaid. According to DelfinGroup, the amount of active bond issues is € 18.5 million with an average investment of € 115 000 per investor. In addition, the investment amount of related parties into the company bonds does not exceed 1% of the total amount of bonds outstanding.

About DelfinGroup

AS DelfinGroup, formerly known as SIA ExpressCredit, was founded in 2009 and is the owner company of the loan originators Banknote and VIZIA. DelfinGroup is the second-largest non-bank consumer lender in Latvia. Since its inception, the company has issued €303 million of pawn loans and consumer loans and the client base has reached almost 400 000 customers. In 2020, the company’s revenue was €23.7 million, the loan portfolio reached €34.7 million, EBITDA increased to €9.3 million, and profit before taxes reached €4.6 million. Starting from 06.05.2021 there have been changes in the ownership structure and some equity investors overlap with Mintos.

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