EUR 300 million invested through Mintos

Time to celebrate! Mintos has reached a new milestone – EUR 300 million has been in invested through the marketplace. More than EUR 200 million has been invested in 2017 alone, making Mintos a clear market leader in continental Europe with a 40% market share, according to AltFi Data.

In other words, about EUR 1 million is invested in loans through Mintos daily. To put that in perspective, this is three times more than just a year ago. Mintos is growing fast, and this growth is reflected in the rapid expansion on both sides of the marketplace.

On the investor side, about 2 000 new investors join Mintos each month. As of the end of August 2017, there were more than 32 000 investors from 64 countries on the Mintos marketplace. We couldn’t be happier knowing that so many people enjoy the ease and benefits of investing through Mintos.

On the supply side of the marketplace, there are 27 loan originators from 14 countries. This makes Mintos the world’s largest marketplace of its kind. The first loan originator from Africa just joined the marketplace, making it the third continent from which Mintos offers loans. We are working hard to add new geographies because we know our investors value the unparalleled diversification opportunities Mintos provides.

All of these numbers mean a lot to us. Creating a global marketplace where retail investors gain access to a new class of assets is our main goal. We believe investing should have no borders, and are excited for each step that takes us closer to this vision.

Thank you for choosing Mintos marketplace for loans.


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