EuroOne changes its name to Rapido Finance

As of February 18, 2019, the loan originator EuroOne has changed its name on the Mintos marketplace to the same as its local entity in Spain, Rapido Finance.

The name was changed due to the EuroOne Group expanding and planning to offer various products whilst Rapido Finance (EuroOne) has a specific focus on short term loans. Branding the company as Rapido Finance provides further clarity on which loans are being offered to Mintos investors.

Rápido Finance S.L.U. is a specialist consumer finance provider, offering flexible loans to qualified customers in Spain. To launch company’s operations in Spain, EuroOne purchased Rápido Finance S.L.U. under the NetCredit brand in August 2017. Currently, Rapido Finance offers LunaCredit and LunaCard products to its customers and is expected to launch the OK Money and Kyzoo brands in the future. LunaCredit and LunaCard products provide consumers with fast access to credit via smartphones.

The name change will have no effect on loans issued under the EuroOne brand. If you currently invest in loans from EuroOne, your investments will automatically update to the new name.



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