Experience upgrade: Mintos Auto Invest

We have successfully introduced new upgrades to Mintos Auto Invest, based on our wish to always bring better investing experience on Mintos. Optimised Auto Invest now works faster than before, and we have also brought back the loan counter. Did you know that 83% of Mintos investors use Auto Invest?

Striving for the best

[screenshot by Mintos investor]
A few weeks ago, Mintos Auto Invest feature has not been functioning perfectly, due to the product needing to be optimised for the growing investors’ demand. Now that we have optimised the Auto Invest queue, the queue is processed much faster. After delivering optimisation, we are bringing back the loan counter, and this will be followed by other upgrades in design and functionalities of Mintos Auto Invest, based on the experience and feedback of our investors. The mentioned upgrades are just another step toward the enhancement of the overall user experience on Mintos.

New features: coming soon 

Currently, we are working on upgrades of Mintos Auto Invest that will facilitate a better overview of investors’ Auto Invest strategies. 

Based on investors’ feedback, the new feature will enable users to closely monitor how their Auto Invest strategies are diversified and what are the times when last investments were made via particular investment strategies. This way, investors’ will be able to easily notice if there is a need to readjust their Auto Invest strategies with new preferences. 

Other addition to Auto Invest overview will be the preview of total figures for loans, terms and interest rates. This will make it easier for investors to compare the performances of different Auto Invest strategies, or performance of an individual Auto Invest portfolio compared to portfolios of other Mintos investment products. 

These upgrades are being developed with the help of Mintos investors who are validating the prototypes through usability tests before new features get introduced to Mintos. 

According to investors’ feedback and requirements of our growth, we will keep on optimising and developing our products and services to continue providing the best possible experience for more than 170 000 Mintos investors globally.



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