ExpressCredit increases by 10% performance indicators in 4th quarter and provides presentation for bond investors



ExpressCredit and its daughter company SIA MoneyMetro (operates under the brands “Banknote”, “Rīgas pilsētas lombards” and “MoneyMetro”) in 4th quarter of 2016 has outperformed the 3rd quarter all times greatest perfomance indicators. Amount of the credits provided by the company has reached EUR 9.24 million in the 4rd quarter representing 11% over the indicator of the 3rd quarter of 2016, reaching previously forecasted EUR 33 million yearly issuance targets. Along with the increase of amount of the granted loans, amount of revenue reached EUR 3,3 million in the 4rd quarter representing 10% over the indicator of the 3rd quarter of 2016.

Presentation for bond investors

As previously informed, in order to finance development SIA ExpressCredit issued “SIA ExpressCredit 14% 2021 Notes Issue” (ISIN code: LV0000802213) closed issue 5000 bonds of the company with the nominal value of EUR 1000 per each and the total amount of issue EUR 5 000 000. Up to 4 January 2017 in total 774 bonds with total value of EUR 774 000 have been purchased.

In addition to the new bonds SIA ExpressCredit previously had issued two bond issues for a total amount of EUR 8 500 000 (as of to date the remaining principal amount represents EUR 5 500 000), which have been put into public circulation on the stock exchange Nasdaq Riga under Baltic Bond list since 2014 and have been sold to investors in full amount.

In order to provide more detailed information to current investors about company’s operations and results as well as to inform potential investors of the new bonds, SIA  “ExpressCredit” has prepared and publishes the company’s presentation. In addition SIA “ExpressCredit” informs on the investor website (, which will have access to the electronic version of the presentation and ongoing information about the company.


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