ID Finance Mexico resumes listing loans on Mintos

ID Finance Mexico is a lending company offering short-term loans on Mintos. In 2020, ID Finance Mexico temporarily stopped listing new loans on Mintos due to technical issues in the system integration and delays of repayments from its borrowers due to government measures introduced in relation with the last years’ Covid-19 pandemic impact on the economy. During this pause, the lending company continued to grow and made internal changes to further improve the structure of cooperation with investors.

After solving the issues in the integration setup and fulfilling all obligations towards investors on Mintos, ID Finance Mexico now resumes listing new loans on Mintos.

"IDF Mexico is a mature business, which managed to turn profitable in 2020, the most challenging year for the industry. We kept strengthening profitability this year - our revenue in the first half of 2021 is €20 million, while expected 2021 net profit is more than €4 million. It is well-positioned to resume our cooperation with investors on Mintos. We are glad to have managed to quickly adjust our lending policies, including our rigid credit scoring of our clients, during the pandemic high-times to fit the changing environment.”

Yannick del Ponte, the CEO of ID Finance Mexico.

Here’s a review of the underlying factors of the investment opportunity offered by the company.

Annual interest rates

Up to 10%

Average APR*


Average loan amount


Non-performing loans ratio (PAR 60**)


Average loan term

24 days

Skin in the game


Mintos Risk Score


Buyback obligation


Interest on delayed payments


*Annual Percentage Rate

**Portfolio At Risk (overdue more than 60 days)

The Mintos Risk Score for loans issued by ID Finance Mexico is 6, with the subscores of 5 for loan portfolio performance,7 for loan servicer efficiency, 6 for buyback strength, and 3 for cooperation structure.

About ID Finance Mexico

ID Finance Mexico first launched on Mintos in April 2019 and has listed a total of €24 303 015  in loans. 62 331 investors have invested in ID Finance Mexico loans on Mintos and have earned € 301 082 in interest. The company was transformed into a sub-holding entity (IDF SERVICIOS S.A.P.I de C.V) of ID Finance and now serves as a platform to diversify Group’s operations in Mexico, in accordance with its long-term strategy.

ID Finance Mexico loans on Mintos are available in the Diversified and High-yield strategies. If you want to invest in these loans with a custom automated strategy, make sure to adjust your strategy settings. If you’re investing manually, you can filter the loans on the Primary Market.


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