ID Finance Spain launches new cashback campaign

Great news for investors on Mintos: ID Finance, a lending company specializing in consumer loans in Spain and Mexico, has launched a new cashback campaign. 

You can earn a cashback of 1% on investments in Notes for ID Finance Spain with a remaining term of 30 days or more. This offer is valid from 1 August to 14 August 2022.

To qualify for the cashback bonus, you’ll need to enroll in the campaign and invest a minimum of €50 (cumulative) into Notes for ID Finance Spain.

As of 1 August, there’s over €3.98 million worth of qualifying loans available on Mintos with interest rates of 9-18%.

Only investments made on the Mintos Primary Market via custom automated strategies qualify. Investments made before enrolling, manual investments, and investments via Diversified, Conservative, or High-yield strategies are not eligible. The cashback will be credited to your Mintos account within 8 business days after making the investment. See full terms

At the time of publishing, there are no payments that have been pending longer than the normal settlement period of 8 days besides the restructured amount of €18 million for ID Finance Spain & Mexico. For changes in the pending payments status, see Loan statistics.

About ID Finance

ID Finance is a data science, credit scoring and digital finance company that is pioneering fintech innovation in emerging markets with a range of convenient, competitive and transparent loan products available over the internet. The company uses machine learning and advanced data science techniques to improve access to competitive financial services. Headquartered in Barcelona, ID Finance operates under the MoneyMan and Plazo brands in Spain, Brazil, and Mexico, with R&D located in Minks, Belarus. The company’s founders previously worked in banking including Deutsche Bank and Royal Bank of Scotland. ID Finance is trusted by both private and institutional investors around the world. The company has been ranked second fastest growing fintech in the FT 1000 list. It was also rated among the hottest startups of Barcelona by Wired magazine.

Notes for ID Finance Spain are listed on Mintos in EUR.


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