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A new feature has been added to Mintos. For the first time, you can now tailor your investments according to loan risk categories which are based on loan originators’ unique internal scoring models. Risk categories link expected annual bad debt rate with the interest rate offered to investors on Mintos. This new feature gives you a high-level of transparency and will allow you to make more informed and precise decisions on your investments.

DEBIFO will be the first loan originator on Mintos for which investors will be able to select loans according to risk categories. DEBIFO is the leading non-bank invoice financing company in Lithuania. Since launching in 2015, the invoice financing facility has been used by more than 160 small and medium-sized businesses and 4 600 invoices with a value exceeding EUR 25.6 million have been financed.

The Lithuanian-based company has nine risk categories for their invoice financing loans for investors to choose from. DEBIFO credit ratings range from AA to CC, where AA represents the lowest risk and CC represents the highest.

When determining the risk for a particular loan, DEBIFO assesses both the borrower, who is the seller of goods or services, as well as the purchaser to whom the borrower issues an invoice. Risk classes are then determined by a combination of the borrower’s (indicated by the first letter) and the purchaser’s (indicated by the second letter) creditworthiness.

The credit rating is determined by numerous factors, including company’s recent financial data, sales structure, shareholders’ connections, arrests and courts history, legal agreements and payment behaviour of the borrower. For the purchaser, the most recent credit bureau data is used in combination with financial indicators such as equity to asset ratio, quick ratio and profitability ratios.

Here is the list of the risk categories used by DEBIFO:

Risk Class

Interest Rate on Mintos



8.0% – 10.0%



8.5% – 10.5%



9.0% – 11.0%



9.5% – 11.5%



10.0% – 12.0%



10.5% – 12.5%



11.5% – 13.5%



12.5% – 14.5%



13.5% – 15.5%


*Expected Annual Bad Debt Rate

If you use Auto Invest, you will now see an additional filter option labelled “Investment Risk Category” for DEBIFO. There you can select the risk categories for DEBIFO loans you would like to invest in.

If you choose to invest manually, you will see an additional filter option next to DEBIFO’s name: 


These filter options will be added for each loan originator that will start listing risk categories for their loans on Mintos.

Use the new feature to streamline your investment strategy!


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