Invest & Access: portfolio size limit now €500 000 and immediate access for the new loan originators

New changes to Mintos Invest & Access bring an increase to limit of investor’s portfolio size and from March 2, 2020, we are introducing a change regarding the immediate availability of loans by new loan originators on Mintos for those using Invest & Access.

The portfolio size limit for Invest & Access is now increased to €500 000 from the previous limit at €200 000. Many investors have suggested this change and we have tested possibilities for instant cashout of larger amounts of money in Invest & Access. As a result, we found that a balance between a number of investors using Invest & Access and funds available within it makes this new update viable. The portfolio size increase will help automate larger portfolios with more flexibility to both earning and cashing out.

Starting next Monday, we are also introducing changes to the availability of loans by new loan originators on Mintos for users of Invest & Access. From March 2, as soon as the loan originator joins Mintos or extends its presence with loans from new geography, these loans will be immediately available for investing with Invest & Access. 

Criteria for these loans to be available for investing via Invest & Access are that they come with a buyback guarantee and that the Mintos Rating of the designated loan originator is within the “A+” to “C-” rating span. Previously, loans from newly joined loan originators were available for investing with Invest & Access only after loan originator has been active on Mintos for 30 days. This also means that loans from all loan originators that were launched on Mintos within 30 days before March 2, 2020, will also be included in the Invest & Access loans offering as of Monday.

Invest & Access is available to all Mintos investors. 39% of all investors on Mintos use Invest & Access for their investing activities, while 11% of investors use Invest & Access exclusively for their investing on Mintos. On average, Invest & Access cashout completion happens within a time frame of nine and a half hours.

Please, be reminded that you can always stop your Invest & Access and cash out your available funds if new changes don’t fit your investing preferences. 

If you have feedback or suggestions, you’re welcome to write to us. 


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