Investments in car rentals coming to Mintos

A new type of linked assets is coming to Mintos Notes: car rentals. The first Notes offering for this new type will be launched soon for the well-known company Planet42, which has been on Mintos since February 2022. More rental companies will follow. 

Notes for car rentals will generally be similar to Notes for loans. The main difference is that the linked assets will be rental agreements between renters and the rental company, and investors will earn returns from the cash flows of these rental agreements. Notes for car rentals will use the indirect structure, and there will be a buyback obligation from the rental company. Learn more

Investors interested in investing in car rentals will be able to find more details about the investment in the relevant Notes base prospectuses, Final Terms, and Key information documents (KIDs) once the Notes become available on Mintos.

Stay tuned for more news about new launches.


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