Investor Story: The financial crash opportunity

Happy Women’s Month! To celebrate, we’re bringing you 4 new investor stories from women investors who are sharing their experience and tips.

Earlier this month, we spoke with Julija, an accountant and Mintos investor of 2 years from Latvia, who shared how she’s using Mintos to look after her future.

Julija, tell us a bit about how you found Mintos

“I actually interviewed at Mintos, which is how I found out about it. I’m an accountant and found the company really interesting. I started looking into it more and realized the CEOs are from Latvia. They are very active in the finance world and there is a lot of information online. At the time, I didn’t have a lot of free money, but once I started to earn more, I started investing.”

Can you tell us about your investment journey?

“I started investing in stocks, but stocks are very risky, and you can’t be sure you will actually earn anything. They’re also more work because you need to do so much research, which is very time-consuming. I find Mintos much easier, and it didn’t take too much time. When I first started investing, I didn’t know much about diversification or the importance of it. The Mintos app was easy, and it advised me on what to do and showed me how to diversify my portfolio. I followed it, and it worked for me.”

How did you learn about investing?

“I learned from my own mistakes. I also talked about it and received advice from my colleague who was already investing. I like to talk to my friends about investing now that I know a bit more about it.

I think women need to talk about it more. My friends and I are currently at that stage in life where we have more money to invest, and we need to start looking out for our future.”

Do you have any investor tips for us?

“It’s nice to see your money work for you and grow, although It’s scary when your stocks, bonds, loans, etc. go down. Many people sell when this happens, but in my opinion, that’s the worst thing you can do. No one can predict bad financial situations such as Covid-19. Everyone was so scared because everything was plummeting.

Financial crashes can be an opportunity, though. When things crash, look at it as the “market on sale” because everything is cheaper, and the market will probably go back up. Buy when things are cheap, don’t sell.

My other investor tip is to wait until your money grows, don’t pull it out too fast if you don’t need it now. Also, make sure you diversify. Mintos is great at helping you with this. If you can, take 20% of your salary and invest it. Think about your future, if you invest now you might be able to retire early, and you won’t have to worry about money when you’re older.”

Thanks, Julija!


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