Investor Story: The logic-based approach that wins

Because no investor story is the same, we’ve decided to share some unique experiences of investors on Mintos.

This week, we bring you the story of Sal, an Italian investor who shared his investment strategy and how he’s been using Mintos to diversify his long-term investment portfolio.

Sal, could you tell us about how you started investing?

I’ve always had an interest in finance. One day I stumbled upon an article about investing that piqued my curiosity. I started reading books and online resources, trying to make sense of all the jargon and complex concepts. It was a humbling experience to navigate the sea of financial knowledge, but I gradually gained the confidence to dip my toes into the investing world.

I started investing on Mintos in 2015. I was already investing in P2P loans on an old European site but with unsatisfactory results. I was looking for new platforms, and I kept reading about the positive experiences other Italian investors have had on Mintos. A site like Mintos is what I had been waiting for. I even write about Mintos on my own website now.

What is your strategy on Mintos?

My preferred strategy is to choose the loans manually, one by one, but that can take some time. I use the Custom Automated portfolio for larger amounts of money and invest based on country profiles. Having a buyback obligation for me is crucial.

Every month, when I receive the email from Mintos updating me on how diversified my portfolio is, I rebalance it according to the suggestions. I believe in taking a conservative approach and spreading my investments across different asset classes. By diversifying, I aim to reduce the impact of any single investment on my overall portfolio. 

Do you have any tips for those new to investing?

Start small and focus on building a solid foundation of knowledge. Take the time to educate yourself about basic investment concepts and risk management. I’ve learned the significance of making decisions based on logic, research, and a long-term perspective, rather than being swayed by momentary impulses or short-term forecasts. Learn from your mistakes, adjust your strategy, and keep moving forward.

Thanks, Sal!


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