Investor Story: Tips for retiring early

Happy Women’s Month! To celebrate at Mintos, we’re bringing you 4 new investor stories from women on Mintos who share their experience and investor tips.

Earlier this month, we spoke with Jenny, a digital nomad and Mintos investor living in Spain, who shared how she learned about investing on Mintos and some investment tips.

Jenny, tell us a bit about yourself as an investor

“I work online, and I am always around other digital nomads. About 4 years ago, I was at a digital nomad conference about retiring early. There were many talks on different experiences about earning passive income and investing. At the time, I had some money to invest. I wanted to do something with my money so it wasn’t just sitting in the bank, but I didn’t know where I wanted to invest because I didn’t have a lot of information. I was doing some research online and every resource was talking about stocks. It seemed complicated, like a full time job. It seemed like you needed to have such high knowledge of that space. Mintos came up at the conference in an interesting talk, and I thought I would give it a try. You have to have some knowledge when you invest on Mintos, but it’s a safer, more user-friendly platform. You don’t have to be intimidated by it, and the results are good.”

What is your approach to investing on Mintos?

“I started out investing in a few different platforms, but Mintos worked out for me the best. I ended up taking everything out of my other investments and putting it into Mintos. I like how flexible Mintos is about choosing your strategy. You can have an input. It allows me to use my brain and play around with my investments. In general, I’ve found that the best strategy is medium risk and high returns. Although, while I was just starting out and still learning, I started with low risk.”

What resources did you use to learn more about investing?

“Talking about investing with my community of digital nomads was the best starting resource for me. I also watched a lot of YouTube videos. I started following some of their strategies and they worked. Although, be careful, there are some people out there that don’t know what they’re talking about, so take what they say with a grain of salt.

I read the Investor Academy on the Mintos website at the start when I was just learning about investing, and it was very helpful. Now I have all my investments set up how I want, and I like how my Mintos account is running, and I have it running in the background. I actually just logged in to see how my account was doing, and it was rolling along nicely.”

Do you have any tips for other investors?

“It’s important to diversify. If you leave your money in the bank, the value is dropping. I think you make like 1%. Mintos I think averages 9-10% returns, which is way better than it sitting in the bank. Of course there are risks, but you can manage your risks. It makes more sense to put your money somewhere it can grow.”

Do you have any closing thoughts for us?

“I hope this is helpful for the other women thinking about investing. I’m no expert, I don’t have a background in finance, but I’ve been successful in doing this with a little research, so it would be nice if other people felt they could do the same.”

Thanks, Jenny!


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