Investor Story: Why some risks are worth taking

Happy Women’s Month! To celebrate, we’re bringing you 4 new investor stories from women investors who are sharing their experience and tips.

Earlier this month, we spoke with Endurance, a Mintos investor living in Germany, who shared how she’s using Mintos to build long-term wealth and learn more about investing.

Endurance, tell us a bit about yourself

“I’m from Nigeria, in West Africa. I was an English teacher before I moved to Germany. Now that I live in Germany, I work two jobs and I’m an active investor. I’ve always been an investor, and I’ve always held the value that you have to work for your money. Living off of just a salary never seems to be enough, and putting your money in the bank doesn’t give you much, if anything at all. 

Coming from Africa, there is a high level of poverty. My father was a retail trader, with a shop of his own, and there were many children in my family. My father taught us to work for what we want, and we all grew up with that mindset. Decades ago, I started investing in stocks and property. If I ever ran out of money, I was able to sell some stocks and pay my rent. The way I see it, investing is not a get rich quick scheme. Instead, it’s something to build on.”

Can you tell us about your journey on Mintos?

“When I got to Europe and started working, I realized I needed to continue my investment life because that’s just who I am. I started with my bank, but I realized there was no interest on my savings at the bank. The bank actually deducted from my savings at one time, and I was shocked. I came across Mintos online, so I read more about it and looked at the reviews and was interested. In 2021, I received my German e-ID card and was able to register as a Mintos investor. Now, a huge part of my portfolio is Mintos, at least 40%.

I’m always happy when I’m doing something tangible with my money and when I see my money growing. What I love about Mintos is its transparency. I can check my account progress anytime, and that is important for me. If for any reason I want to close my account, I can do so without stress. I have a lot of confidence in Mintos.”

Do you have any investment tips for us?

“Investment is a risk, but there are risks worth taking. So jump in, take it. Do something with your money and watch your wealth grow.”

“Remember that it’s important to keep yourself up to date with everything happening in the investment world. I try to read Mintos news and other sources, so I know what’s going on.”

Do you have any closing thoughts for us?

“You must be self-sufficient and financially independent. Even if someone is already providing for you financially, in my opinion, it’s very important. There are no guarantees in life, and you always have to be prepared. I encourage every woman to invest. I always say, no matter how little you make, keep 10% aside to invest and don’t touch it. Sometimes I talk to my other friends about investing, but not many people want to build wealth gradually. They want big earnings fast, so it’s difficult to understand my mindset that says “build with what you have.” When I started with Mintos, I didn’t start with a lot of money, but it’s growing, and it continues to grow.”

Thanks, Endurance!


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