Investor Story: Winning the inflation battle

Happy Women’s Month! To celebrate, we’re bringing you 4 new investor stories from women investors who are sharing their experience and tips.

Earlier this month, we spoke with Aiga, a Mintos investor living in Latvia, who shared why she started investing on Mintos and her thoughts on accessibility and investing.

You mentioned you started investing relatively recently. What motivated you to start investing?

“Inflation is crazy high, over 20% in Latvia, and I want to start building a house in the near future. I was looking for a platform where I could try to keep up with inflation, grow my money, and pull it out whenever I need it. I also didn’t want to take a risk with some unknown company.

I always do a lot of research before making a decision. Before deciding to invest on Mintos, I read a lot of information, watched videos on YouTube, and I talked with my friends and colleagues. A friend of a friend actually works at Mintos. Because I know there are real people behind the platform, I have more trust.”

What made you choose Mintos?

“Mintos is a local company based in Latvia with real people. Mintos is also an authorized investment firm under MiFID and that qualification and protection is important to me. I also evaluated the return I could earn and compared it with other platforms. The percentage was good for me, and I didn’t want to risk my money with some unknown company.”

What is your investment strategy on Mintos?

“I don’t have a lot of time to spend on investing, so I use the automated strategy on Mintos. Not only does it save me time, but I believe Mintos will be able to make better investment decisions than I can. I know the diversification with the automated strategy will be more professional and profitable. I trust that Mintos will do its best for me and make me the best profit.”

What are your tips for women who want to start investing?

“Traditionally, women are not encouraged to invest and earn more money from the money they already have. I suggest reading books, educating yourself, and talking to your friends about investing.

I try to encourage my friends to invest because if your money is sitting in your savings account, you’re actually losing money with the rate of inflation.

I understand that women need to take charge of their money. That doesn’t mean I don’t trust my husband or the government or anything, it just means we need to use our resources to get involved as well. It’s an amazing time to invest because it’s getting easier and easier. Nowadays, there are more resources and possibilities than ever before, and we can invest with a few simple clicks.”

Any closing thoughts?

“Mintos is super easy, convenient, and accessible for everyone to use. I hope the accessibility of Mintos encourages women to invest.”

“A common barrier that women face when investing is they have this idea that it’s super hard, and some years ago it was. But now with platforms like Mintos, it’s super easy.”

Thanks, Aiga!


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