IuteCredit Europe is covering Mintos investors’ repayments

Following up on the news we have previously shared regarding IuteCredit Kosovo, we want to inform you that IuteCredit Europe is covering repayments to investors for their investments made in loans issued by IuteCredit Kosovo. IuteCredit Europe, the owner of a subsidiary IuteCredit Kosovo, is covering ongoing outstanding payments and 60 days late payments with a buyback guarantee.

Since December 6, 2019, IuteCredit Europe has transferred a total of EUR 84,125.20 of borrowers’ repayments to Mintos, and these payments are being credited to the Mintos investors’ accounts.

In the meantime, we have engaged a local law firm in Kosovo that will represent Mintos and protect the interests of Mintos investors.

To remind you, on December 6, 2019, IuteCredit Kosovo’s license was revoked and a company liquidator was put in place by the Central Bank of Kosovo (CBK). IuteCredit Europe has made necessary actions to question the legal aspects of this CBK’s decision.

In case of additional questions, please contact Mintos Investor Service team.


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