Join ID Finance webinar on 5 November, 15:00 CET

ID Finance invites investors on Mintos to join a webinar about the company’s results in the first 9 months of 2020. Use this opportunity to ask your questions and learn more about the company.  

Recording of the webinar

Boris Batine, CEO and Со-Founder of ID Finance: 

“To our valued investors and partners,

The defining event in 2020 has been COVID-19. Our priority throughout the year has been clear – sustainability. It means ensuring the safety and well-being of our employees, clients and other stakeholders, while maintaining the highest service delivery standards. As a result, revenue and income continued to grow, while loan portfolio quality improved. This is proof of a robust and resilient business model that successfully adapts to the changing environment.

At ID Finance, we are committed to building a sustainable and transparent business. We want to give an update on the initiatives that the company has launched to tackle the COVID-19 situation and the lessons learned to successfully confront future uncertainties. Furthermore, we will cover an overview of the results in the first 9 months of 2020.

We will hold a webinar on Thursday, November 5th at 3 pm CET, and we will cover the following topics:

– How we responded to the COVID-19 crisis and lessons learned to tackle the second wave
– Overview of 9m2020 results in Spain
– Overview of 9m2020 results in Latin America
– Questions & answers to investors

Feel free to send your questions ahead of the webinar to [email protected].

Join the webinar. We hope to see you on Thursday, November 5th.

We wish you, your families and loved ones, and everyone at your company, good health and continued success. Thank you for your business and partnership!”


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