Kredit Pintar expands offering, launches more instalment loans on Mintos

Kredit Pintar, the Indonesian-based platform provider of unsecured personal loans has expanded its offering on Mintos to include personal loans. The personal loans have maturities up to 12 months and an average amount of 120 euros. The loans come with a buyback guarantee, will be listed in EUR and investors can expect a net annual return of up to 13%.

Since Kredit Pintar joined Mintos in April 2019, the company has funded loans on the Mintos marketplace worth EUR 70 million.
Based in Indonesia, Kredit Pintar originates consumer loans using an artificial intelligence-based risk management platform. The company was launched in 2017 and has experienced exponential growth to include more than 1,000 employees to date, achieving profitability since 2018.

Since inception Kredit Pintar has issued more than € 700 million worth of loans in Indonesia. The company is on a mission to promote financial inclusion among the underbanked in developing economies of Asia. Currently, Kredit Pintar has operations in Indonesia and the Philippines and is expanding into Vietnam and India with much greater product and geographical diversification.

Kredit Pintar is backed by reputable VC and PE investors, including GSR Ventures, Vision Plus Capital, Provident Capital, and Northstar Group.
All loans listed on the Mintos marketplace by Kredit Pintar are issued by the Indonesian company PT Wijaya Unggul Sentosa. To maintain its skin in the game, the company retains a 10% portion of the loans it places on Mintos. In addition, the Group’s holding company Neuroncredit Pte. Ltd. (Singapore), will provide a group guarantee thus securing the loan buyback obligation provided by the company.


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