Kredo and Monego launch a joint cashback campaign!

Today we are pleased to announce some good news for all Mintos investors – two of our Balkan loan originators are now offering you the chance to earn an extra bonus on your investment with a joint cashback campaign – Kredo and Monego.

The terms of the cashback campaigns from the two loan originators are identical and you can earn a cashback of up to 2% when you invest in their loans listed in Euro (EUR). The cashback bonus will depend on the maturity of the loans you invest in.

Here’s a breakdown of the bonuses you can receive:

– 0.75% for loans with a remaining maturity of up to 90 days;

– 1% for loans with a remaining maturity of 91-180 days;

– 1.5% for loans with a remaining maturity of 181-270 days;

– 2% for loans with a remaining maturity of above 270 days.

This special offer is valid for a limited time, from the 12th of July until the 26th of July this year, so don’t miss out!

Only investments made on the Mintos Primary Market qualify. If you want to receive the cashback, you have to be enrolled in the campaign before making the investment.

Enrol in the joint cashback campaign here.

Find out more about the loan originators:

About Monego

Monego is one of the largest non-bank fast loan providers in the Republic of Kosovo. The company aims to satisfy the short-term liquidity needs of individuals. Furthermore, the company is the first in the industry to provide the full range of its products online. The company provides its services either online or through one of its 28 branches across Kosovo.

About Kredo

Kredo Finance is a fairly young but rapidly developing micro-lending market participant in Albania whose principal objective is to satisfy individuals’ short-term liquidity needs in a quick, simple and hassle-free manner. The company is fully licenced and operates in accordance with the Central Bank of Albania. 

In addition to providing advanced online lending solutions, Kredo Finance has also an extensive branch network across the country. Already, it has 57 branches across Albania and is on track of reaching 100 branches by the end of the year.



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