Kredo and Tigo are now Finitera

Loan originating brands Kredo and Tigo are uniting under a single company, Finitera, an existing alternative lending company. During 2019 Finitera underwent structural changes to improve the efficiency of its business operations and bring all the products across different markets under one company, that way creating Finitera group. From now on Kredo and Tigo issued loans on Mintos will be listed as Finitera loans. 

Starting from 2 March 2020, investors on Mintos will see Finitera in all filters (Auto Invest, Primary Market, Secondary Market), and on the Loan Originators page on Mintos. Please note that Auto Invest settings will be updated automatically – strategies that involved Kredo (Albania) and Tigo (North Macedonia) loans will now include Finitera loans from the respective countries (Albania and North Macedonia). On the Mintos marketplace, both Kredo and Tigo listed loans are put under the Finitera umbrella brand. Finitera provides a group guarantee for all Finitera loans on Mintos. Due to a group guarantee and Finitera’s stable financial situation, Mintos Rating for this loan originator is “B-”. To maintain its skin in the game, Finitera will keep 10% of all loans on its balance sheet.

“We believe that both loan originators coming under the roof of Finitera is strong evidence of our efforts towards the vision to become the leading data-driven financial services partner for individuals. Tigo and Kredo are established service providers to its clients and we are happy to welcome them aboard the Finitera family,” said Mārcis Grīnis, Chairman and CEO of Finitera. 

More about Finitera

Finitera is an international fintech company operating in three markets with 89 branches employing  450 employees and with a share capital of EUR 8 million. The management of Finitera has over 7 years of experience in secured and unsecured lending and has a good track record of establishing and developing business in alternative finance lending. Some of the equity investors of Finitera and Mintos overlap.


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