Leading Czech non-bank mortgage lender joins the Mintos platform



We are pleased to announce that one of the leading non-bank mortgage lenders from the Czech Republic has joined our platform. It is JSC “ACEMA Credit Czech” (ACEMA). This is great news for investors, because the cooperation that has started will give even broader opportunities to geographically diversify an investment portfolio within a single platform.

ACEMA will place property secured loans issued to private persons on the platform. The average loan amount will range from EUR 18.000 to EUR 35.000, with repayment in 12 to 240 months. It is forecast that the average annual net yield will be starting from 5.5% with buyback guarantee and loans with average net yield from 10% without buyback guarantee.

ACEMA is one of the leading non-bank mortgage lenders in the Czech Republic that has been working on the financial market since 2002. ACEMA has set responsible lending as an essential criterion for its work, so that the company will be the first choice for Czech residents to meet their financing needs. The company’s careful approach to decision-making in issuing loans has been positively evaluated by theUMBRELLA European Association for the Promotion of Consumer Rights, which has given the company several awards.

To strengthen its market positions in the Czech Republic, ACEMA has set up a network of sales agents across the country. The total number of agents is in excess of 90. The company regularly conducts training to make sure that these specialists are knowledgeable and competent.

All company employees and suppliers respect the code of ethics drafted by ACEMA, which set principles for providing services, for marketing practices, for customer date security, fair competition and the like. As a matter of responsible business practice, ACEMA has, in recent years, worked on various projects aimed at increasing the financial literacy of residents of the Czech Republic.

Last year, the company issued more than 500 loans for a total amount in excess of EUR 14 million. As of 31 December 2015, the total assets of the company were more than EUR 36 million and profit from the core business in 2015 was EUR 4.4 million.



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