The Lendo cashback campaign is back

Lendo is offering you the opportunity to earn a cashback on your investments for its selected loans again! This time, between March 7, 2018, and April 7, 2018, you can earn a cashback of 1.5% for all Lendo loans with a maturity of 9 months or more.

If you want to earn the cashback, you need to be enrolled in the campaign before you make the investment. Only investments made on the Mintos primary market qualify.

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For more information read the Terms and Conditions.

Lendo offers personal and short-term loans for investment from Georgia, which are listed in both euro (EUR) and Georgian lari (GEL) on the Mintos marketplace. The company is one of the largest loan originators on Mintos in terms of total loans funded. Since joining the Mintos marketplace in July 2016, investors have invested more than EUR 153 million in Lendo loans with an average net annual return of 12.5%.


When will I receive my cashback?

The cashback will be transferred to your Investor’s Account on Mintos within six working days from the day you make the investment.

What will happen if the loan originator will re-buy my long-term investment?

Sometimes loan originators re-buy the loans before their maturity. If this happens, you will get to keep your cashback.

Do I need to enrol each time I make a new investment?

No. To participate in the campaign, you need to enrol only once. All investments made after that will qualify for cashback.

Do investments made prior to enrolling in the campaign, qualify for cashback too?

No. Only new investments made after you have enrolled in the campaign on your Investor’s Account qualify for a cashback.

Why would I want to invest in long-term loans?

Investing long-term has many benefits. The returns offered for these loans generally are higher than returns offered on short-term loans. You get to lock-in these higher return rates for a longer period of time, thus avoiding any cash drag effect. Including longer-term loans in your investment portfolio also means better diversification in terms of loan types and borrower profiles.


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