Mintos app version V1.4.0 now available

Our team’s been hard at work developing the latest Mintos app release that comes with the usual optimizations, as well as some all-new features. 

New dashboards

The biggest change you’ll notice is that we’ve now added dashboards to display your pending payments and in recovery funds in the app. Previously, you could only find pending payment and in recovery information by logging into your Mintos account via desktop. 

By adding this information to the mobile app’s overview section, investors can now use their mobile to see information related to pending payment or in recovery investments, such as which are current and completed investments, the amount of interest earned on pending payments, and details about the lending companies themselves.

Improved layout 

We’ve also made improvements to the look and feel of the overview and account tabs, with new icons and a cleaner, more streamlined appearance. We designed the Mintos app with a smooth user-experience in mind, and we’ll continue to review this based on investors’ feedback. 

New signup flow

Finally, we’ve incorporated a sign-up flow that lets new investors sign up to Mintos directly through the app, rather than be redirected to the Mintos site. While this change might not mean much to many of our current investors who have already been through the signup process, it’s just another example to show how we are constantly working to improve previous versions of our app, which went live for the first time in February this year. Stay tuned for even more developments in the future.

Update your Mintos app to the latest version in the app store to try out the new features yourself.


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