Mintos Consolidated annual report for the year 2019

We are publishing the Mintos Holdings Consolidated annual report to inform our investors and other stakeholders about Mintos business results from 2019. 

In the Consolidated annual report for the year 2019, we are sharing financial statements from the last year (comprehensive income, financial position, cash flows, changes in equity). Besides the financials, the Consolidated report also contains a detailed Management report outlined by the Mintos co-founders – CEO Martins Sulte and CFO/COO Martins Valters. In addition to an overview of events throughout 2019, the Management report also addresses activities taken to minimize the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic on the company’s operations in 2020.

Since 2015, we have been publishing audited annual reports of AS Mintos Marketplace, a Mintos entity that operates the Mintos platform. As the Mintos group has significantly grown and expanded, from this year we’re going to publish an audited Consolidated report for AS Mintos Holdings instead. This report encompasses activities of the whole group, including AS Mintos Marketplace, and offers even more insights and transparency for our investors and other audiences.

You can find the Mintos Consolidated Annual report for the year 2019 along with other annual reports since 2015 on our website.

In the upcoming days, we will update this article with translations of the Management report from the Mintos Holdings Consolidated annual report for the year 2019, in German, Latvian, Czech, Dutch, Spanish, Polish and Russian.


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