Mintos has recovered all investors’ funds from Kredit24

On 2 July 2020, Kredit24 decided on an orderly wind-down caused by a larger than initially anticipated global pandemic impact on its business. As a result, the loans issued by Kredit24 were suspended from the Primary and Secondary Markets on Mintos.  

At the time of the suspension, there were 4 024 investors with active investments in loans issued by Kredit24, with the average investment per investor being €99,78. Having an overall €401 500 outstanding investments due to investors on Mintos at the time of suspension, Kredit24 followed a restructuring plan with monthly repayments for 10 consecutive months. 

Kredit24 has recently made the final repayment of €12 359 which has already been transferred to investors on Mintos. The lending company has now repaid 100% of the funds in recovery.

About Kredit24

Kredit24 is a member of Silkway Ventures, an international group of tech companies focusing on consumer finance and financial price comparison in Central and Southeast Asia. During the time while Kredit24 was active on Mintos, investors earned a total of €222 846 in interest.


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