Mintos Head of Product among the Top 25 FinTech Product Executives of 2021

The Financial Technology Report (TFTR) has published its annual Top 25 Fintech Product Executives list, and we’re happy to find Mintos Head of Product Marcis Gogis among the leaders on the list!

According to the TFTR, individuals featured on the list for 2021 represent “some of the brightest minds at the helm of some of the most influential tech companies in the world.”

While awardees hail from fintech companies from across the world: Latvia, South Africa, Sweden, the UK, the United States, and others, versatility in the management of big and multilayered projects is what ties these professionals together. In the words of TFTR, what’s distinct about them is “the ability to collaborate and involve input from a wide range of disciplines and stakeholders — whether that be from marketing professionals, engineers, distributors, designers, or the customers themselves — in order to increase wider market adoption, expand growth, and, in some cases, catalyze industry disruption.”

For years, this recognition has celebrated leaders and admired achievements in the field of financial technology. Special attention is paid to areas where unique product vision, management of cross-functional teams and business acumen is demonstrated.

We invite you to read a closer introduction to Marcis Gogis, a Mintos professional who has been managing the development of our product from day one, since 2015.

About Marcis Gogis, in the words of his colleagues

Marcis Gogis, the Head of Product at Mintos, is a visionary optimist who truly cares to deliver the best possible product and experience for the company’s customers. He’s a silent driving force behind everything Mintos has achieved, as he’s been in this role since the company’s founding in 2015. Marcis has taken the Mintos platform from the minimum viable product to the easiest to use investment platform in our industry, serving more than 440 000 investors from all over the world. Notably, he’s helped us to become the leading platform working with the asset class of loans in the EU. In the big picture, Marcis contributes to the team with his strategic thinking, focus, and sharp, business-oriented creativity.

Whatever conditions we’re facing, Marcis always finds a way around.

Mintos Leadership team

Members of the Product team enjoy the calm and reliable authority Marcis radiates. Managing his team with full commitment, he’s always available and ready to give a helping hand. He gives full freedom and ownership to his team members while nurturing multiple professionals he scouted: from interns to product owners sought for all around the world.

Besides his contributions to Mintos growth over the years, when it comes to the company’s culture and product, all of the above is best reflected in the Mintos’ most recent journey. For a year and a half, the company prepared the platform to transition to a regulated environment, ultimately becoming a licensed investment firm. Utilizing his knowledge and experience, Marcis led his team in a collaboration project with the Nasdaq Baltics, developing one-of-a-kind technology that reinvented the way that ISIN codes are requested and issued. Something that usually took days to complete, became possible in a matter of seconds with the new system.

He’s a master of bringing positivity and calmness to a hectic startup environment, always managing to find ways to chop big challenges into small pieces, then solve them bit by bit while employing a workforce of growth-oriented individuals.

Mintos team

Congratulations Marcis!


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