Mintos hosts: DelfinGroup in Webinar

On Thursday, 23 September 2021 at 14:00 (EET) Mintos will host guests from DelfinGroup in a webinar for Mintos investors: “DelfinGroup: The financial results of H1 2021 and future plans”.

Didzis Admidins, Chairman of the Management Board of AS DelfinGroup, and Kristaps Bergmanis, Member of the Management Board, will share information about the group’s financial results for H1 2021 and about other key developments in the company (including expansion plans, lending market trends, information about recent bond issue, and the planned IPO).

As usual, we are providing space for investors’ questions on Slido. Questions with the most upvotes will be answered first. In addition, it is helpful to check if a question similar to yours is already on the list as you can then simply give it a vote to move it up the list.
The answers will be provided to the extent the information may be revealed according to regulations, as AS DelfinGroup’s bonds are listed on Nasdaq Riga Stock Exchange. This means that there are particular requirements on disclosure of information to all investors, which presumes that all important information should be first disclosed via Nasdaq Riga. DelfinGroup will take questions shared on the provided Slido link by 16:00 EET, 22 September.

You can schedule your attendance for this webinar on the Mintos YouTube channel already today.

About DelfinGroup

AS DelfinGroup, formerly known as SIA ExpressCredit, was founded in 2009 and is the owner company of the loan originators Banknote and VIZIA. DelfinGroup is the second-largest non-bank consumer lender in Latvia. Since its inception, the company has issued €303 million of pawn loans and consumer loans and the client base has reached almost 400 000 customers. In 2020, the company’s revenue was €23.7 million, the loan portfolio reached €34.7 million, EBITDA increased to €9.3 million and profit before taxes reached €4.6 million. Starting from 06.05.2021 there have been changes in the ownership structure and some equity investors overlap with Mintos.

This invitation and planned webinar are marketing communications only, not investment advice. Mintos has not checked or otherwise verified the information to be shared AS DelfinGroup at the webinar.
Investing involves risk. There is no guarantee to get back the invested amount. Past performance is no guarantee of future results. Mintos shall not be responsible for any direct or indirect loss arising from the use of the provided information.
This information and the planned webinar are not intended as an advertisement, solicitation, offer, or recommendation to buy or sell any investments, or to engage in any other transaction. Any investment decision must be based on an analysis of the risks related to the investment. Before investing, consider your knowledge, experience, financial situation, and investment objectives.


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