Mintos Insight March: A market overview of alternative lending in Southeast Europe

In this month’s Mintos Insight, we take a look at how alternative lending has been gaining momentum. We focus on Southeast Europe (SEE), which in recent years has seen the emergence of non-bank financial institutions offering accessible and convenient financial services.

Uncovering the region’s hidden potential

We delve into the economic statistics and financial overview of Albania, Bulgaria, Moldova, and North Macedonia, and examine the alternative lending ecosystem in each of these countries.

The four countries that we have chosen to highlight have undergone significant political and economic changes in the past decades, transitioning from centrally-planned economies to market-oriented ones. Despite these changes, these countries face several challenges in terms of their economic development, including low GDP and high inflation rates.

We shed light on the current state and future prospects of alternative lending in this region and provide valuable insights for investors on Mintos.

North Macedonia

Mintos Activity: February 2023

While total investments slightly dipped overall month-on-month, January had three extra days compared to February (31 calendar days vs 28). In January, the average daily investment was €2.52 million, whereas in February it was €2.56 million, indicating a slight increase in the daily average.

As a result of this increase in demand for Notes, there has been a slight decrease in the interest rate. In January, the interest rate was at 13.5% whereas in February, it decreased slightly to 13.3%.

“This trend may continue going forward, and we may see a further decrease in the interest rate due to an increase in investments coming in from new investors. However, any decrease in the interest rate is unlikely to be significant and will likely fluctuate around the current rate at 13%.”

Peteris Mikelsons, Head of Partnerships.

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