Mintos Investor Stories: Ed

Because no investor story is the same, we’re sharing some of the unique experiences of investors on Mintos.

This time, we bring you the experience of Ed, a father, working professional, and investor living in Dublin, who shared how he’s been using Mintos to build long-term wealth.

A bit about Ed

Ed stumbled across Mintos about 5 years ago when he was looking for passive investments that could help fund his young daughters’ future educations. He had heard that loan investments earned interest rates much higher than traditional bank interest rates, so the asset class piqued his interest. 

As an experienced investor with investments across stocks, ETFs, and crypto – naturally, Ed undertook quite a bit of research on Mintos before deciding to become an investor on the platform. From comparison websites to individual reviews, Ed says that “across the board, Mintos generally came up as the best-ranked platform for investing in loans. The sheer volume of investments and investors on Mintos gave me a lot of security and confidence.”

After having started off investing small amounts on Mintos, Ed has now grown his loan portfolio significantly.

Ed’s approach to investing on Mintos

Because of his goal of building a fund for his daughters’ future educations, Ed has a long-term, passive approach to investing on Mintos, with an investment horizon of around 10 years. 

To reduce investment risk, he chose to diversify his loan portfolio as much as possible. In terms of strategy choice, he enjoys using Mintos’ automated options. Ed says, “automated strategies don’t give you total control over your investments, but that’s actually the benefit of them. They’re simple, and I only need to go in every so often to adjust the targets”. 

He’s created several custom automated strategies with investments across various interest rates, loan types, and loan countries. Typically, he opts for shorter-term loan investments (anything up to 6-9 months) so that if any repayment issues arise, he’s aware of them quickly. 

He also set up some of Mintos’ pre-defined investing strategies, such as the Diversified and High-yield strategies. Because of his long-term investment horizon, he’s comfortable taking on a bit more risk with higher-interest rate loans.

Over the past year, Ed’s experienced a downturn in part of his portfolio from loans issued in the Kazakhstani tenge and Russian Ruble. But with the Russia-based loans, in particular, he’s confident that some of this will be recovered over time.

Closing thoughts on his experience so far

On the whole, Ed’s happy with his Mintos portfolio’s performance considering the effects of Covid-19 and, more recently, the war in Ukraine. He’s experienced some permanent loss, but the interest he’s earned over his time on Mintos has more than balanced this out. 

In the short term, Ed says, “I’m not panicking. Mintos still offers good interest rates, and I’m prepared to wait and see what happens over time. I’m not a very active investor, so I only check if there are uninvested funds in my account. If there is money sitting there, I invest it straight away to keep my money working. Otherwise, I just let the strategies continue to invest.”

Thanks, Ed!


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