Mintos Investor Stories: Geir

Because no investor story is the same, we’ve decided to share some of the unique experiences of investors on Mintos. This month, we bring you some key takeaways from our conversation with Geir, a Mintos investor from Norway who shared how he’s utilized Mintos strategies to suit his investing preferences.

A bit about Geir

With investments across many asset classes, Geir’s an experienced investor who’s active in the investment market. And due to a keen interest in the crowdfunding sector, he’s been investing in the loans asset class through multiple platforms.

In terms of why he chose to invest in loans, Geir says it simply comes down to the returns, “as they are much higher compared to those of bonds, for example”.

Geir’s experience with Mintos strategies

As an investor across several loan-based investment platforms, when Geir first joined Mintos, he just wanted to get a feel for it and see how the investments would perform.

Starting out, Geir chose to try out our pre-defined investing strategies. There are 3 of these to choose from on Mintos: Conservative, Diversified, and High-yield – all of which automatically invest on your behalf. Geir found setting up his pre-defined strategies simple, and at first, liked how he could “invest with the click of a button.” 

However, after some time of using these strategies, he inspected the make-up of his portfolio and identified some investments that didn’t align with his risk and return preferences. In particular, it was the countries of some loans that he preferred to not have exposure to. 

So from here, he decided to stop using pre-defined strategies, and instead, set up a custom automated strategy. Custom strategies still invest automatically on your behalf, but you can pre-set the conditions using more than 15 different criteria – from interest rate and term to rating and country. 

Using a custom strategy, he was able to invest in loans and countries that aligned better with his risk appetite and return expectations. And going forward, Geir believes his new strategy should optimize his future returns and lead him to be more satisfied with his portfolio composition on Mintos.

As a multi-asset investor, Mintos only forms a part of Geir’s day-to-day investment activity. So for him, the Mintos platform provides a simple, and easy-to-use way of investing in loans. In the future, he’s also interested in trying out new product offerings on Mintos such as ETFs.

Thanks, Geir!

We look forward to sharing more investor takeaways with you soon.


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