Mintos Investor Stories: Gustavo

Mintos Investor Stories give you a first-hand account of investor journeys on Mintos. Whether it’s their goals, approach on Mintos, or investment know-how, everyone’s got a unique story to tell. 

This week, we bring you the story of Gustavo, an investor who shared how he’s been using Mintos to diversify his long-term investment portfolio.

A bit about Gustavo

Gustavo’s a passive investor who’s always looking for ways to diversify his portfolio. He doesn’t want to spend too much time managing his investments, so he prefers the “buy and hold” approach. With a keen interest in stocks and real estate, his main focus with these asset classes has been to keep his money working 24/7.

Gustavo stumbled across Mintos when researching investment platforms in Europe. “I was skeptical, but once I read the reviews, Mintos seemed to be the best option for investing in loans. Then once I joined, I was surprised at how easy it was to get started. I began using Mintos just little by little, and now, 2 years later, my portfolio has grown nicely.”

Gustavo’s approach to investing on Mintos

Gustavo began using the predefined Mintos strategies but soon realized he’d prefer to customize his approach more, so he set up a few custom automated strategies. This way, his investments were still automated but more aligned with his investment goals. 

“I like the idea of being able to create my own strategies but not having to actively manage them once they’re all set up. It works well with my passive approach to investing and not wanting to be so involved. For me, this is a stand-out feature of Mintos.”

Within his strategies, Gustavo always chooses loans with a Buyback Obligation as this adds another layer of safeguarding. And although he has a long-term view of earning returns, he prefers short to medium-term loans for his strategies. “Compared to longer-term loans, they don’t always have the highest interest rates, but I like that the investments finish in a shorter time. So if there’s a situation where I need to take my money out of Mintos, I can quickly cash out my strategies.”

To track his portfolio performance, he checks the Mintos app and keeps an eye on the daily notifications about interest earnings. He also finds the end-of-month account summaries helpful in gauging his portfolio’s performance.

Learning more about investing on Mintos

Every now and then, Gustavo heads to the Mintos Blog and Investor Academy to learn about investment concepts. “I’ll often wonder how something works and, more often than not, I’ll find the answer through the blog or the academy. As a non-native English speaker, the way everything’s written suits me because it’s simple and easy to understand.”

Closing thoughts

“Overall, my experience on Mintos has been simple. I don’t constantly need to be doing things to manage my portfolio, and I’m happy to let my strategies invest in the long run so that my returns compound. Which is just the way I wanted it. Also, now that Mintos operates as a licensed investment firm, I feel more protected as an investor.”

Thanks, Gustavo!

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