Mintos Investor Stories: Mihai

Because no investor story is the same, we’re sharing some of the unique experiences of investors on Mintos.

This time, we bring you the experience of Mihai, a Mintos investor living in Romania, who shared how he’s investing and using Mintos to build wealth for his retirement.

A bit about Mihai

Mihai started investing around 2 years ago, and for him, investing is an alternative source of income (outside of his day job as a VPA programmer) that will help secure his future. 

With an interest in many asset classes, Mihai started investing in stocks, crypto, and loans. And he’s soon looking to expand into precious metals such as gold and silver and potentially real estate. 

Mihai is a thinker, by nature and by profession. He enjoys trying new things and finding the best ways to do them. So when investing, Mihai practices both passive and active investing. He holds around 70% of his investments and actively trades about 30%. 

At the moment, he’s still figuring out which investment strategies and monthly investment amounts will help him reach his investment goals in the best way. For example, he’s recently tested out the dollar-cost-averaging investment strategy with stocks and crypto. 

How Mihai found Mintos

Mihai found out about Mintos via a YouTube video when undertaking research for alternative income sources. Along with his passion for trying out new things, Mihai saw that the interest rates were much higher than those of banks, so he was attracted to the idea of investing on Mintos. 

He spent some time reading reviews about Mintos and read a lot of different opinions – both good and not-so-good. But in the end, he decided to give Mintos a try because “with any kind of investing, there’s some level of risk – you may lose, but you may also win!” 

Now, he’s been actively using Mintos for about a year and has been slowly growing his Mintos portfolio. And at the moment, Mintos is the only platform Mihai uses to invest in loans.

Mihai’s approach to investing on Mintos

When he joined Mintos, Mihai decided on strategies that would balance each other in terms of risk and return. So he opted for a high-yield strategy (loans with higher interest rates) and then created a custom automated strategy (with lower interest rate loans). And to this day, he has kept these two strategies running as he’s found it an easy way to keep his money working.

Because both strategies automatically invest on his behalf, there’s very little intervention needed from his side. He’ll add extra funds from time to time, but overall, he has a long-term, more passive approach to investing on Mintos. To check in on his strategies and see how much interest he’s earned that month, Mihai prefers using the Mintos app. 

Regarding the performance of his strategies so far, Mihai says, “some of my funds are in recovery because of recent world events, but I don’t mind that so much because I trust that the market will eventually correct itself. 3 years ago, when I first started investing, I got really freaked out when I experienced any kind of investment loss. However, now that I’ve had a bit more experience, I know that downturns are just a part of investing. The most important goal for me is to have funds for my retirement, so on the whole, I’ve learned to stay quite positive about everything and not focus too much on changes in the short-term”.

Closing thoughts on his experience so far

In terms of his overall experience on Mintos so far, Mihai rates it an 8/10. A few user interface improvements could be helpful for him, but for the most part, he finds the platform simple and easy to use. And even though there are some recoveries in his portfolio now, he believes the returns he will earn will outweigh the risk. He plans to continue investing little by little and growing his Mintos portfolio into the future. 

Thanks, Mihai!


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